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9/11, Charlottesville, and Barcelona
In Memory of Heather Heyer
A Pastoral Letter
Anyone with an ounce of Christian spirit is heartbroken by the events in Charlottesville, the murder of Heather Heyer, and the tenor of national discourse at the highest level.

The good people of Charlottesville have gotten to hope faster than us, but we’ll get there together.  But let us first say that the public display of Nazi and KKK hate, the rationalization and defense and equivocation on their behalf, are a poison in our nation.  Reports suggest the Barcelona ISIS terrorists were immersed in Nazi anti-Semitism.  It is too late to nip it in the bud, but we must wake up to what it is.  Social media has made it easier for hate groups to spread but also easier to be known.  We cannot claim ignorance.

Good people trying to be fair often say “on the other hand” or “there’s two sides to every story”.  But good folks also reject “moral equivalency” when things aren’t equivalent.  So it’s hard to hear defense of Nazi/KKK actions.  What they stand for and believe is contrary to Christ in every way and to the America we treasure.

Once upon a time those who stood against the Nazis on D-Day and The Battle of the Bulge were revered as “The Greatest Generation”.  Today, whether it is against new Nazis/KKK or ISIS, we need to be at our greatest.  We must stand against terror whatever its name or locale.

The final straw for us was the plan for the “alt-right” to hold their next rally on 9/11.

Stop and ponder that: 9/11, Nazis and KKK.

Well… WE’RE GOING TO RALLY ON 9/11.  At 7pm we’ll have a beautiful service in the Sanctuary.  Then we’ll have a conversation in the parlor asking how we can take seriously the CHRISTLIKENESS we hold dear.

Last week was our Vacation Bible School, 150 kids and youth learning about “superheroes” of the Bible.  Remember Superman’s purpose?  TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY.

How hard are we willing to work for those three qualities?

We hope you’ll join us on 9/11 as a witness to what is best in us.  For further perspective, see David’s August 13th sermon “We Would See Jesus”.

In Christ’s Peace,
David and Alida

ALSO: Community Interfaith Service: Rejecting Racism and Anti-Semitism, Wednesday, August 23rd at 7pm at the Temple Beth El at 1200 Fairfield Woods Road, Ffld.


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