Je Suis Charlie, A Greenfield Hill Church Prayer

Je-suis-CharlieThe awful murders in Paris have been met with cries of “Je Suis Charlie,” (I am Charlie), expressing solidarity with the newspaper, “Charlie Hebdo,” targeted by the terrorists. Once again we are reeling from horrors that are anti-God, anti-humanity, anti-civilization, and anti-Christ in the truest sense. Here is a prayer for all in this time of sorrow and rage:

“Loving God, we choose our words carefully. You are the God of Love, the God who is Love, the God who commands us to Love. You are the God who gave us Christmas and Easter as proof of Love. You, God, so loved the world you gave us Jesus as our Christ. His every word and deed were filled with Love.
Yet we despair. The “slaughter of innocents” comes again, fueled by hatred and ideas and evil we cannot comprehend. And done in Your name. We despair. We fear for freedom, religion, tolerance, and life itself. Our fear and despair are matched by anger. But, Loving God, we are better than that, greater than that. We are not the sum of our fears and our anger. Yes, we are Charlie, yet more than that we are You, made in Your image, Your children, Your creation.Help us to be imbedded in you, filled with Your spirit, and in that power give us the wisdom to face the evil of our day. “Grant us wisdom, grant us courage for the living of this day,” to speak what must be spoken, to do what must be done. Love us, God, through our fear and anger.

Bless the people of France, bless journalists, and bless those who mourn. And bless those who protect us, and our leaders, that as we “go through the Valley of the Shadow of Death we will fear no evil. For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory.” Amen.

-Reverend Dr. David Johnson Rowe