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Our favorite word at Greenfield Hill Church is Christlikeness.  We believe that we are called to live in this world as Christ did.  In him, we see compassion, inclusion, inclusive, and most of all, love.  At Greenfield Hill, we are always guided by that same vision of compassionate, welcoming Love.

Greenfield Hill Church is a church known for uplifting worship, compassionate outreach to the community, lively youth programs, and a vibrant Church School.  We are a congregation that enjoys being together – in fellowship, in service, and in worship.

Though we are almost 300 years old, we are very much alive in the present. Our pastors’ sermons invite us to think about our role in the world today … our youth fellowship programs draw teens from all over the Fairfield area … our Church School curriculum is a fun, interactive center-based experience for kids.  For our adults, we offer such programs as ‘Religion and the News’ and our monthly book conversations on contemporary novels.

Founded in 1725, we are a member church of the United Church of Christ, and part of the historic Congregational Church tradition of New England.

Congregationalism means just what it sounds like! … we are a church run by the members patiocongregation. At Greenfield Hill, church members elect the boards that run the church, select our ministers and staff, and approve budgets and programs at our Annual Meeting.

As a denomination, the United Church of Christ as a denomination is ‘covenantal’ rather than creedal, meaning that its churches are bound together by promise to one another rather than by adherence to one central creed.  The UCC believes that all members are free to worship in their own way, following their own conscience. Though there is common commitment to the Christian faith, there is also ready acceptance of theological diversity.

As is true of most historic Congregational churches, Greenfield Hill’s members are bound together by the words of our own church’s Covenant.  Adopted in 1921, Greenfield Hill’s covenant forms the basis for our life together as a church; we share in this promise together each time new members join the church:

“We covenant with the Lord and one with another, and doe bynd ourselves in the presence of God, to walke together in all His waies, according as He is pleased to reveale Himself unto us in His blessed word of thruth.” (Salem 1629)

We purpose to devote ourselves to the study, the practice, and the spread of Christianity.

We will endeavor to be loyal to his fellowship, to help one another in the Christian life, to support the work and attend the services and meetings of this church, and in every way strive to make it a power for good in the service of God and man.”

Becoming a member at Greenfield Hill:  We welcome new friends into church membership on most first Sundays of the month, during worship.  Please be in touch with Alida Ward to set up a time to talk together in preparation!   All are very welcome — from whatever faith background you come, wherever you are on your faith journey!