The Beginning:

church originalThe Town of Fairfield was founded in 1639 and every Sunday families living in the Greenfield Hill area made the long and arduous journey to town to attend church. In May, 1725, fifty-five families petitioned the General Assembly in Hartford for permission to establish a new church and on October 14, 1725, the Secretary of State signed a proclamation establishing the new church. However, the parish did not obtain its first true minister until John Goodsell was ordained on May 18, 1726. Thus, we celebrated our 275th anniversary in both 2000 and 2001.

We’ve been here a while!

Greenfield Hill residents assembled in a tiny building in 1725 for their first worship as the “Northwest Parish” which had recently been permitted to separate from the First Church of Fairfield. There were 13 men.

One year later, 15 women were added, and by the end of 1726, there were 70 members. They made provisions for a school one week later, and in 1727 erected their first meeting house.