Weddings and Baptisms

baptism greenfield hillScheduling a Baptism:  Baptisms take place during Sunday morning worship, on any Sunday of the month except first Sundays.  Parents are not required to be members of the church, but we do ask for a time to meet with the pastors and talk through the service together.  Contact either of the pastors to talk more!  Rev. Alida Ward or Rev. David Rowe.






greenfield hill church wedding

Photos by Dru Nadler

Scheduling a Wedding: Couples do not have to be members of the church, but must be willing to meet 2-3 times with the pastor conducting their service for premarital counseling and service planning. Click here for details about scheduling, fees, and requirements: Wedding Guidelines at GHCC . After taking a look at those details, please contact either pastor to check on date availability and set up counseling times.  Rev. Alida Ward or Rev. David Rowe