Greenfield Hill Church relies entirely on our members and friends to fund our programs and outreach, to keep our historic buildings in good repair, and to continue our outreach ministries to people in need far and near.

Scroll down to give by direct deduction from your bank account, or by credit card or PayPal. We also welcome your pledge commitment to the church, via the online pledge form below.

To make a pledge of support for GHCC’s 2017 budget, please click here to fill out your pledge form online!

ACH Collection
To make a one-time or recurring donation to the church via ACH (direct deduction from your bank account), please click here for a downloadable form to fill out and return to the church office. Use of this method saves the church the transaction fees associated with credit card/Paypal!

Credit Card Payment – One Time
To make a one-time donation to the church via credit card or Paypal, just click the ‘Donate’ button below, and choose credit card or Paypal on the next screen. (use of this method costs the church 3% in fees).

Credit Card Payment – Recurring
To set up a recurring donation to the church, fill in the information below, and then click the ‘Donate’ button. If using a credit card, choose “Pay using your credit or debit card” on the next screen. You will be required to set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one, a simple process.

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