Greenfield Hill Church 2017: From Strength to Strength (Psalm 84)

What makes a church strong?
What makes a church healthy, lively, and joyful?

Is it children running into church on Sunday, knowing they are welcome?
Is it teens having their own space in which to encounter God’s love?
Is it adults gathering to think together, pray together, work together?
Is it church members out in the world, caring for the hungry, for the stranger?
Is it worship that feeds the soul and lifts the spirit?

Here at Greenfield Hill, our answer is easy: “all of the above”! We are blessed to be part of a church which is strong: the living presence of God’s love in the Fairfield community — and beyond. That’s why our Stewardship Campaign theme this fall is ‘from strength to strength.’ Membership is strong, our ministers are active and involved, outreach is substantial, and youth programs are at enviable levels.  We are at the top of our game, so to speak. Understandably, we want keep it that way!
As we look to 2017, we’re making a special effort to ensure that we are strong in every aspect of church life, shoring up not just our spiritual foundations, but our financial and physical foundations too. To read more about 2017’s special challenges, click here!!

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