Mission and Outreach

GHCC is a hands-on, helping community, ministering to people within our church and outside its walls. Our commitment to outreach is reflected both in our mission giving and in the time and talent this congregation offers to direct caregiving and service in our neighborhood and beyond.

What does  mission mean to Greenfield Hill Congregational Church?

Today, because of the commitment and generosity of our church, children and widows in India are fed and housed; families in  West Virginia are safe, warm, and dry; victims of abuse in Bridgeport are protected; men and women get a second chance on life – from soup kitchens and food pantries to adults learning to read, and so much more – that’s what mission giving means to Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.

Each year your generous contributions are used to support our missions to the less fortunate – locally, nationally, and internationally. Over 30% of the church’s operating ASP 2013 Sarah von Euler, Krissy Bradley, Mackenzie Brennan 2budget is devoted to our mission organizations. Your generosity means children, widows, lepers, sick, people in crisis, and men and women have an opportunity for safety and happiness.

At Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, support to missions is not an afterthought or a minor part of our commitment to follow Christ’s commandment to love thy neighbor. It is a major part of our ministry and proclamation of faith.

Over 30 charitable groups are supported by your donations. Four projects in particular have earned their place at the unquestioned center of mission, just as mission is at the heart of GHCC. They are The Appalachia Service Project, Operation Hope, Friends of Christ in India and Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport.

For Charitable organizations interested in being considered for a GHCC grant: please click here for a simple application form, due back by May 15. 

Click the button below to make any designated contributions to the Mission and Outreach work of Greenfield Hill Church (be sure to indicate where your monies should be directed in the ‘add any instructions’ line when you complete your donation).