Nursery School

greenfield hill nursery school The Greenfield Hill Church  Nursery School, established in 1954 as a service to the town, offers a warm and loving environment where each child’s uniqueness and creativity are encouraged. Our programs for 3-5 year olds (click for detail) are designed to involve the child in the excitement and joy of learning through their play, and to encourage the freedom of each child to follow individual interests while providing the opportunity to participate in group activities.

Recognizing that all children develop differently, at individual times, and have individual needs, our teachers assess each child’s level of development, and plan class programs within a framework that has evolved from staff discussion, workshops and common planning. This procedure not only provides continuity, but encourages a creative individualized program which reflects new educational theory and sound practices. Large and small motor skills are developed through active learning. Language and concept imagery are explored through stories, poetry and nature investigations. The children are also introduced to a variety of art media and music.

The school is non-sectarian and has always maintained an open admissions policy. We welcome all children to experience the love and care of GHCNS!

For more information, please contact Director Susan Rippey via email or call us directly at 203.259.7597.

2017-2018 Nursery School Calendar
2017-2018 Parent’s Guide

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