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Preaching, we believe, is at the heart of worship, linking ‘the good news’ to daily life in a vital way, starting and encouraging the path to faith. As St. Paul said, ‘how can people believe without someone preaching!?”… it is the “proclamation” of the Good News… the way we tell the story of our faith in a timely and relevant way. Our goal as pastors is to make scripture and faith very real in daily life. – David and Alida

Current Year sermons are listed below — scroll to the bottom for links to prior years!

Date and Title Minister Text Audio Video
12-10-17 What Child is This? David Rowe  What Child is This? What Child is This? – YouTube
12-3-17 One Candle at a Time Alida Ward One Candle at a Time  One Candle at a Time – audio  One Candle – YouTube
11-26-17  A Football Player’s Lesson David Rowe  Football Player’s Lesson  Football Player’s Lesson – Audio
11-19-17  Teach Your Children Well David Rowe  Teach Your Children – text Teach Your Children – YouTube
11-12-17 Five Candy Pumpkins: Grace Alida Ward Five Candy Pumpkins  Five Candy Pumpkins – Audio  Five Candy Pumpkins – YouTube
11-5-17 Remembrance Sunday: The Names Alida Ward The Names The Names – Audio The Names – YouTube
10-29-17 Reformation Sunday: Inclusion Alida Ward  Reformation Sunday  Reformation Sunday Reformation Sunday – YouTube
10-22-17 The Protestant Reformation (part 2) David Rowe Protestant Reformation 2  Protestant Reformation 2 – audio Protestant Reformation 2 – YouTube
10-15-17 The Protestant Reformation (part I) David Rowe  Protestant Reformation 1 Protestant Reformation I – Audio
10-8-17 Being the Face of God Alida Ward Being the Face of God Face of God – Audio
10-1-17 True Communion David Rowe True Communion True Communion – Audio
10-1-17 A Cup of Chianti Alida Ward A Cup of Chianti – Audio
9-24-17 The Good Book David Rowe  The Good Book  The Good Book – audio The Good Book- YouTube
9-10-17 A Church with a Personal Touch David Rowe The Personal Touch Personal Touch – YouTube
9-10-17 Making it Personal Alida Ward Making it Personal Making it Personal – YouTube
9-10-17 Pastoral/Personal Rachel Baumann Pastoral/Personal Pastoral/Personal – YouTube
8-27-17 Jesus’ Pregame Ritual Alida Ward Pregame Ritual Pregame Ritual
8-20-17 Charlottesville David Rowe  Charlottesville Charlottesville Charlottesville – YouTube
8-13-17 We Would See Jesus David Rowe  We Would See Jesus – PDF We Would See Jesus We Would See Jesus – YouTube
8-6-17 Is God Here — or not? Alida Ward Is God Here? – PDF  Is God Here?
7-30-17 Rise Up Alida Ward  Rise Up – PDF  Rise Up – audio
7-23-17 Loaves, Fishes, and Leftovers Alida Ward Loaves, Fishes – PDF
 7-16-17 Short Stories David Rowe  A Short Story – PDF A Short Story -audio
7-9-17 Religion in the News David Rowe  Religion in the News – PDF Religion in the News – Audio  Religion in the News – video
7-2-17 – Apple Pie and Baseball David Rowe Apple Pie  Apple Pie and Baseball – video
6-25-17 Make You Feel My Love Alida Ward Make You Feel My Love – PDF Make You Feel – audio
6-18-17 Enough!!! David Rowe  Enough! – PDF Enough! – audio
5-28-17 Remembering David Rowe  Remembering – PDF  Remembering – audio Remembering – Video
5-21-17 The Future…is good. David Rowe Future is Good – PDF Future is Good – audio
5-14-27 Mothers’ Day: Honoring Mary and Mothering David Rowe Mothers Day 2017 – PDF Mothers Day 2017 – audio  Mother’s Day – Video
5-7-17 Confirmation – “Uphill, in the snow”! David Rowe  Confirmation ’17 – David – PDF  Confirmation ’17 – David – audio
5-7-17 Confirmation: Banana Nut Bread Alida Ward Confirmation 17 – Alida -PDF Confirmation ’17 – Alida- audio
4-16-17 EASTER: What if it’s True? David Rowe What If? PDF What If? Audio
4-16-17 EASTER:  What if It’s True? – What Now?  Alida Ward What Now? PDF What Now? audio
Good Friday David Rowe  Good Friday 2017 – PDF
4-13-17 Maundy Thursday David Rowe  Maundy Thursday 2017- PDF
4-9-17 “Help, We’re Stuck!” – Palm Sunday 2017 Alida Ward  We’re Stuck – PDF We’re Stuck – audio
4-2-17  Holy Week: Easter Prequel David Rowe  Holy Week Holy Week – audio Holy Week – video
3-19-17 Bread for the Journey Alida Ward Bread (PDF) Bread – audio
3-12-17 ‘Church’: One Year Later David Rowe  Church (PDF) Church – audio Church – video
3-5-17 Giving Up for Lent … or not? Alida Ward Giving Up — or just giving (PDF) Giving Up for Lent – audio Giving Up for Lent – video
2-26 Scripture and Politics David Rowe Scripture & Politics – audio
2-19 The Way Home Alida Ward The Way – PDF
2-12 Buy A Field Alida Ward  Buy a Field – PDF Buy A Field- audio
2-5 “A Power for Good” Alida Ward A Power for Good – PDF  A Power for Good – audio  A Power for Good – YouTube
1-22 This I Believe David Rowe  This I Believe – PDF  This I Believe
1-15 Race David Rowe Race – PDF Race – YouTube
1-8 Holocaust Remembrance Rachel Baumann Holocaust – PDF  Holocaust -mp3
1-1 New Year’s Day David Rowe New Year’s – PDF New-Years-Day.mp3


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